Design done differently

Design done differently

We design homes creatively with a commitment to excellence and innovation

We are a boutique property developer focused on developing innovative and dynamic homes that are beautifully appointed through meticulous planning, creative design and quality product choice.

The quality and detail are what first drew us and then the service and attention to detail sold it for us.”

Lauren Arthur, Buyer at our Malt Works development

Creating a product as unique as you are

How we make your life, less ordinary

At Life Less Ordinary, we deliver a product that is unique and breaks the mould of conventional development by putting our customers at the centre of our business. We hate white walls, repetitive layouts and lists of paid extras in addition to the purchase price.

All of our new developments create a bespoke environment and have been designed to create functional living spaces that boast a premium specification. Sourcing materials from around Europe and having our own construction management team allows us to cherry pick materials as well as retain control of design so all the details that matter to you are given the consideration they deserve.